You are now looking to find who laura and vassilis are. We can give you all kinds of information about birth places, education, work experience, exhibitions we’ve held, places we lived around the earth, articles written about us, and much more. All of this is called the “ background.” Our past has played a significant role in assisting us to raise our consciousness of who we are, and yet defying all reason it is not who we are, for we are not our “ background”; as is in that the actor is not the stage.

We are that which endlessly transforms interdependantly in visible and invisible ways with both the esoteric and the exoteric. We are leaders in acknowledging the Leader in all of us. We are messengers in awakening the Messenger in all of us. We are healers in awakening the Healer in all of us. We are philosophers in experiencing the Philosopher in all of us. We are creators in accepting the Creator in all of us. We are prophets in claiming the Prophet in all of us. We are masters in proclaiming the Master in all of us. We are the unique and infinitum parts of Oneness. We are the fun, the joy, the gratefulness of Beingness.

We are the Soul, Spirit…you, us, all, always in all ways now here.

Acquiring as much knowledge as you want about an apple will not give you the experience of eating an apple.

Our logo, which we call Interdependance, is the signature we use on all of our creations. It represents our philosophy that all of existence visible and invisible is interdependant. It also heralds the transformation/trancendance of the dichotomy “dependence and independence”, which no longer serves us. We are born into the illusion of dependence, then we swing into the illusion of independence in order to realise that neither are real or possible.

This website is our intent to “wet your appetite” to meet with us, you in person, to share our lives examples as ways of life. No one’s way is the only way. You are invited to “sip tea” with us.

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vassilis and laura

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