All of our thoughts words and actions are manifestations of who we are now here.

I view painting and sculpting as a way of expressing oneself and as such not higher or lower than any one of the infinite ways of expression. I acknowledge expression as the act of revealing and sharing of one’s Soul, Spirit. Expression is giving birth to oneself in the moment, freed from the “past” and its restrictions as well as from the “future” and its expectations. I would like to note here that there are two kinds of expressions: those stemming from the finite thinker located in our brain and those from the infinite Mind that surrounds our physical body. I discuss this topic further in the seminars of Transforming The Way We Think.

All paintings and sculptures carry a message from their creator be it conscious or unconscious. My messages are not directed to the intellect for understanding but to the heart for rejoicing.

A variety of media are used on canvas, silk and hand-made papers. Mixed media are also used for the sculptures and installations.

Although I have held exhibitions in America, Hellas, Japan, and New Zealand, I treasure the intimacy of our gallery, home and garden where my paintings and sculptures can be viewed and purchased.

Private or group viewings are welcomed throughout the year in conjunction to the garden visit, by appointment only. Please visit the garden page for more information. We also hold special events by invitation only.

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