Seminars in transforming the programmed way of thinking and the way we experience of who we are.

We live a life on the surface and as a consequence we are caught in the illusion of “time” as in “past” and “future.” Our most important decisions seem to take for ever…our life dream, legend, self-fulfilment remains suspended. This I have experienced in the writing of a book as well as in deciding to speak publicly.

This book, this life, this truth is focused in our collective and individual thinking. The way we perceive, interpret, and experience the world around us produces a way of thinking that is based on criticism, judgement and condemnation, starting with ourselves and projecting it to life all inclusive. This I call the programmed way of thinking which is manifest in our programmed behaviour and reflected in all our programmed relationships.

Fear, which is False Evidence Appearing Real, is the “greatest accomplishment” of our programmed way of thinking which has been handed down from generation to generation for eons of years in endless astonishing ways. A genuine look at the world’s affairs today is enough to come to the conclusion that, fear does not serve us any longer as to who we are or “claim” we are.

Fear, which also can be read as the food eaten as replacement, is the only source that fuels, strengthens and perpetuates our programmed way of thinking. This is observed in our confusion between “right” versus “wrong” as well as in our suffering between “pains” versus “pleasure.” Codes of ethics, dogmas, and morality are products of fear found in all cultures and in all religions.

Fear produces programmed thinking, which produces fear and or programmed thinking produces fear, which produces programmed thinking.

Fear is an illusion and as such one does not fight with it, for that which we fight we only strengthen. Fear has been created collectively to only serve us in experiencing our Spirit Essence of Compassion.

This book I am writing, this life example I am leading, this truth I am speaking is being shared in seminars that I am offering to all of those who no longer can postpone experiencing their soul’s journey. Attendance to the seminars is $90 pp. I am also available for private consultations in self-acceptance, self- healing and self-empowerment at $450 per one and a half hour session.

To participate in the seminars or for private consultations please contact me by phone: 64-3-314-4227 or by email:

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