It is a joy and blessing to be able to share the way you live your life, of who you are, through the food you eat.

The seminars I am offering are more than “just cooking.” I am combining some philosophies about food as a way of life, reclaiming self-responsibility for our health, how we eat, and the importance of presentation.

Our way of eating, although based on macrobiotic/vegan principles, is not as difficult or unattainable as most people think it is. It actually has more to do with re-thinking the way we have been thinking! Having exposed ourselves to a variety of cultures and the fun of experimentation, I know there is no such thing as “the way of cooking” but many ways of cooking.

At present I am offering 3 introductory courses:
Tofu: everything you wanted to know about adaptability
Beans and Vegies: with a Greek influence
Miso: a twist on tradition using miso, sea vegetables and other Japanese ingredients.

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