A sacred garden begins with the intention/decision of the creator to experience the celebration and gratefulness of the Divine Mysteries of Oneself. It is not coincidental that the first recorded gardens were created around sacred places.

Secrets are the fruits of patience waiting to be revealed and shared with those who are not afraid to love themselves. Secrets become Sacred in the moment of Sharing. Sanctuaries are places where one is allowed to be and experience the Oneness.

We have decided to share The Garden of Secret Sanctuaries as a source of inspiration and creativity, as a place of tranquillity and peace for self-acceptance, and as a sacred ground for transforming the way we think and interpret the world around us. Our collective consciousness is still firmly founded in accepting that reality is only what we perceive via our limited senses.

Only a few hundred years ago, we were convinced and experienced, the “one scientific truth” which insisted that the Earth was flat and centre of the universe. Even today we still experience the Sun rotating around the Earth in that...the sun “rises” and the sun “sets.”

When does a “reality” become an accepted illusion? When do we accept that a “garden” is not the sum total of the elements found in it? When do we rejoice the Spirit of the garden? The Spirit waiting to be revealed in all the elements found in the Sacred Garden of your Heart now here.

The garden is open throughout the cycle of seasons, by appointment only, with a minimum day’s notice in advance. A limit of 10 people is requested when groups are interested in viewing the garden. Please allow a minimum of 2~3 hours to experience the magic of yourself while visiting. Entrance is NZ$30 pp.

Our garden is situated in the village of Waikari at 73 Princes Street, in North Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand. One hour by car from Christchurch and the international airport.

Vassilis is also available for consultation in garden concept design as well as for group seminars and lectures in the planning and creating of a garden.

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