We welcome you to the world within…

A world of creativity presented through painting, sculpting, and designer garments.

A world of passion expressed through seminars in “macrobiotic/vegan” cooking and transformation of thought.

A world of serenity and joy manifested in The Garden of Secret Sanctuaries.

A world of peace, harmony and beauty in the form of greeting cards.

A world within, a way of life celebrating in the now here.

Through our life example we acknowledge that we are a source of inspiration and creativity for all. Our expressions, creations act as catalysts for self-acceptance and self-empowerment to whomever they come in contact with.

We accept that we are leaders and part of a global movement that is recognising the urgency to transform how everything in our physical world is observed and interpreted. To transform the way we think of who we are, and to re-member with our Spirit Essence.

If these words resonate with your heart please turn the page knowing that it is not coincidental or accidental that you are visiting our site now here.

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