For thousands of years we have dressed, overdressed and underdressed our physicality in relative ways to our collective and individual conditioned way of thinking which says; that we are only that which is visible. This way of thinking no longer serves humanity and is not that different from that which said; “earth was flat and centre of the universe.” Transforming the way we think implies transforming the way we speak and act…transforms the way we experience our lives, of who we are.

We view and design garments in respecting, honouring, and celebrating the Human Body, as a wise and precious vessel that it is, in order to address and experience the "dressing” of the Body, Mind, Soul…Spirit that we are, now here.

It is not coincidental that the vast majority of us are not content with the various “imperfections” of our bodies. Thus oppression is not to be found only in certain cultures but in all cultures. If one so righteously considers that covering the face of women is “ lack of freedom”, one would also consider that covering the face of women with layers upon layers of cosmetics is also “lack of freedom!” In the same vein “hiding” the physical body is not different than exposing it, unless of course one has to be “right” and the other has to be “wrong”.

Oppression is the product of righteous thinking and righteous thinking produces oppression! Why is it that we cannot think of living in cultures that wear uniforms yet we live in cultures that wear suits and ties? Why do we think it is “wrong” to be told what to wear according to religious dogmas and at the same time obey fashion designers’ dictums?

We approach design not as something static but rather as a continuum. This is experienced in that the wearers do not have a “choice” but to co-participate in the process of creation in finding multiple ways to wear our garments that we did not think of. Adaptability, flexibility and lots of fun are some of the invisible ingredients we like to “hide” between the stitches so they can be revealed and become visible by the wearer’s intent to express oneself in the moment.

The “Circle in a Square” is our gift to the history of garments. It is architecture and sculpture applied in textiles. Further more it is a tribute to our Spirit Essence ever transforming with no beginning, and without ending.

Cotton, silk, wool, linens and hemp are fibres that we use to create geometric, minimalistic and elegant garments, which we have sold internationally through exhibitions and events. Though we will continue to do so when the invitations arrive, we have decided that our space in Waikari is the most conducive and so you are invited as part of the garden visit to view, try on and purchase here.

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