..........Who is the “I” or who am I?

All of those who say, “To know thyself is a waste of time, leave it to God, or that’s the job for philosophers”, are the same people who believe and promote the illusion “Ignorance is bliss”. Humanity has been stuck with this myth for thousands of years and a quick but honest look into our lives is the shear proof that there is no bliss to be found.

“Ignorance is bliss”, is a taught attitude that we have adopted and is apparent in the refusal to know who you are. This collective and individual way of thinking perpetuates the myth/illusion “It is better to not know the truth than knowing it and not acting upon it”.

Knowing yourself is not meant to be done through short or long critical analysis by “professionals” or by do it yourself methods. One way to know who you are is to drop or let go of all borrowed as well as self-imposed knowledge of who you think you are by the process of elimination. It is like saying, if you want to know the spaciousness of your room eliminate the “clutter” from it.

Everything that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur in our lives we have called, are calling, and will call forth by the way we think. The acceptance of us causing everything in order for us to remember experientially who we truly are is self-responsibility. Please do not confuse, “I am Self-responsible” with “I am responsible” in that the second causes guilt. With this understanding one can only drop or eliminate with gratefulness. Eliminating without gratefulness is “lip service” that will not bring us anywhere.

Following is a way to answer who is the “I” or who am I? A question I suggested you might want to ask yourself in the message prior to this one.

I am not the physical family I was born into for this or any other incarnation including the names I was given.

I am not the race or nationality I landed in to visit this time or any other time in the physical dimension.

I am not the religion “dished” to me by family and nation or any of the many religions on the market that I checked out while seeking answers on this planet.

I am not the few or many years of adulterated, biased, crippling, distorted and edited knowledge “shoved down my throat” including all the diplomas, certificates, and degrees I was presented with, which shows nothing more than the ability to “swallow” well and have proof of it.

I am not the job I do with or without title and power attached to it, the amount of salary I collect, and the “important” people I know.

I am not the past-accumulated experiences irrelevant that they have greatly assisted me to be where I am now here. So it is that walkers are not the past-accumulated steps they walked, at any given moment of the walk.

I am not the physical body, IQ or looks, as it is that a person’s photographs taken since birth are not the person now.

I am not the age measured by the clock time. I am not young, middle aged or old.

I am not the pigment present in the skin. I am not black, white, red or yellow.

I am not the list of emotions be it fears, guilt, anger, hate, jealousy, greediness, and …irrelevant that I have experienced all of them with varying intensities.

I am not the sex located between the legs. I am not heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual.

I am not the thinker or the collective thinker (the next message is devoted to the thinker and thinking).

I am not the “possessions”; I am not the bank balance be it high or low, the wife, the husband, the children, the house, the car, the pet, the friends or enemies.

I am not the “good” or “bad” thoughts people think, irrelevant of how close they are to me, about who I was or who I am.

I am not the long list of the dichotomies like failures and achievements, rights and wrongs found in all languages.

I am not the victim of some unknown forces of “good” or “evil” governing my life or life all around me.

I am not the outcome of “evolution” or of “sin”.

I am not the static or the movement.


I am that which endlessly transforms.

I am the river that cannot be stepped in twice and be the same.

I am the enlightenment in realising and constantly re-membering that I am Spirit on an infinite path experiencing Spirit now here. Every step on all paths is infinity itself. Every step on all paths is Now Here.

I am the Creator, the Creation, and the Creating found in playfulness and spiralling endlessly in everyone, everything, and everywhere always and in all ways.

I am the invisible Spirit yet manifested visibly in a multitude of layers in everyone, everything, everywhere in all ways and always.

I am the Oneness, the Inseparable and the Interdependant found in gratefulness in everyone, everything, and everywhere in all ways and always.

I am the all knowing the unlimited wisdom essence found in compassion in everyone, everything, and everywhere always and in all ways now here.

I am that which creates “form”, “time”, and “space”, but cannot be contained or defined by any one of them. They are illusionary measures to assist me while visiting the physical dimension in order to experience my essence Spirit.

I am that I am.

Thank you

vassilis skouras

January 2004

© copyright 2004 vassilis skouras


………"I think therefore I am"
is not the statement of a “philosopher” but an accurate description of our biggest addiction that makes all other addictions look like hobbies. We view addictions as forms of dependencies, and only recently have we turned our attention from the so called “body’s addictions” to the so called “mind’s addictions.” It is definitely a step closer to the truth, and yet far from being the truth.

Although it is a step closer to the truth in thinking that we have a better understanding of the human body and the human mind, yet this thinking is far from being the truth in that we are still trying to cure the symptoms and avoid to address the causes of the so called “diseases.” It is only a small minority of the medical profession that is starting to look for the causes in the “mind” rather than in the body, as it is the small minority of “patients” who consider the alternatives.

Yes, it is a giant step towards the truth in thinking that we are not just the body, and yet we haven’t reached the truth of who we are. Yes, we often talk of our advancements but we are not advanced yet, for the most certain sign of a primitive society is in the thinking of itself as being advanced. So in claiming that we are advanced only shows how primitive our thinking is. The emphasis here is in the thinking aspect and not the primitive.

Please take the moment now here and read “again” the opening statement with the space enlarged between each word:


Here are some questions for you to ask yourself as for the first time:
Who is the “I” or who am I?
What is “thinking”?
Is the “I” the master of thinking or is the “I” the slave of thinking?
Does the “I” exist before the “thinking” and irrelevant of thinking?
Have you experienced the “I” without the constant chattering of thinking?
What about “I think therefore I am not”?

The “answers” to these questions are the topics of messages to come. The fact that you are visiting this site and reading this message is what I call being Grateful and in the state of Bliss Now Here.

Thank you

vassilis skouras
August 2003

© copyright 2003 vassilis skouras